I'm Sara Jones and I own Elite eCommerce Marketing, which specialises in managing Google Ads for eCommerce businesses.

I started my own eCommerce store in 2004 and that's where my love of the topic started.  I started using Google Ads from the start and soon realised that it could be a very effective way to generate sales.

But I also learned, to my cost, that it could be very wasteful if you didn't know what you were doing!  Hence my mission to learn as much as I could from experts in the field.

Many courses, memberships and masterminds later I decided to offer the service to other businesses and Elite eCommerce Marketing was born.

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I love listening to podcasts both for pleasure and business.  I especially love hearing about other peoples' stories.

I'm also trying to learn more about running an online store so I can help my clients and expand my knowledge.  But I found that many of the eCommerce based podcasts out there were talking about multi-million pound companies with whom I couldn't really relate.

That's what gave me the idea of starting a podcast of my own, talking to smaller eCommerce businesses and hearing their experiences.  Startups and small companies often have very different challenges to stores taking hundreds and thousands of orders a day!

If you'd like to be a guest on the podcast and share your story please apply below: